(Cheese Eater) "Mommy, I'm worn out."

"Hard day at school?"

"Yeah...can I rest when I get home?"

"You don't want to go swimming?"

"No, Mommy. Just like sometimes you need a rest, I need a rest."

"Well okay then. You're absolutely right buddy--sometimes we all need a rest."

"And Pop needs to rest everyday."

(Laughing) "Yes, Pop likes to take a rest everyday."

"Silly Pop."

(Monkey) "Pop funny!"

(Cheese Eater) "Where's is Pop?"

"Probably at home resting."

"Silly Pop!"

Who knew that Pop was so hysterical.

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Dawn said...

Why do they (men) get so much credit as being the funny one?!?!? When we do so much of the work!?!? lol
This was really cute!