Words of wisdom from my Starbucks cup

"The first person to walk on Mars could be alive today. If so, she's most likely two years old and living in China." ~Andrew Zolli, futurist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer

What Mr. Zolli doesn't know is that I am raising two energetic children who, on most days, I'd be more than happy to send to Mars. Those kids in China have nothing on my boys.

See, here's the Monkey practicing his anti-gravity maneuvers.

Happy Friday,

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Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

(Stephenie, Thanks so much for putting my blog on the, "Worth your time" blog roll at right on your blog. That's so cool of you! I've now got you on mine, as well. Good to meet you!)

Kylee (twopretzels.com)