I almost deleted this blog.  Almost.  I was tired of it.  Tired of the way it looked.  I'm a girl that likes to rearrange.  Change it up.  Push the couch around and scrape up the wood floors.  If I'm tired of something, I just get rid of it.  Hoarding isn't a problem for me.

But there are times, like now, when I enjoy my blog.  I like the creativity of it all.  I like having a place to spout my opinion, share pics of my kids, and occasionally write something worth reading.  I like having an easy way of updating my friends and family.  At one point in time it was a gallery--a place to display my "professional" writing for the world to read.  But let's face it.  The only people reading are my close friends and a couple of cool people who just happened to stumble upon it by accident.  {Thank you, by the way.}  So I changed it.  Updated it.  Gave it a redo.  And I hope you like it.

I was mama wants more for a long time (and my blogger address still goes by the same name.)  But the truth is I don't want more.  I have enough.  I'm am crazy blessed.  I actually have too much and it was all starting to give me a headache.  (If you read my last post, you can see that there's an obvious pattern happening here.)

So enjoy the sunshine from out here in California.  Like whenever I rearrange my living room, there's no guarantee that it's going to stay like this.  I've got to live with it awhile to make sure I like it, so there might be more tinkering to come.  For now, here it is.


Linda said...

As one of the people who just stumbled upon it, I'm happy to see you back!

Bill and Jenn said...

Love it, Stephenie! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't care what you call it, just keep it up!

love, Mom

Rita said...

Oh my GOSH, if you had deleted your blog I would have been CRUSHED! CRUSHED I tell you!

I love the new look.