Absent from the web. Not my life.

Have you been missing me?  Somehow I doubt it.

May was a little crazy.  Just to quickly fill you in, here's the month in reverse order.

The Golfer was gone for Regionals (which they won!) and then the National Championship (which they didn't).  They might not have come home with the trophy, but did manage to have this cool pic taken by Golfweek.

Before that, the Big Cheese had his Big Performance: Third Grade Play--"Vacation to Mars"

He was one of Saturn's rings.

 Before that we headed down to Coronado for some sun, a little sand...

...and some fun.  (And plenty of Cheez-Its by the pool.)

Because before that my best friend, whom my children affectionally call "God Christie" came for a special 2 week visit.

But before that was Mother's Day and I awoke to these lovely pancakes.

And before that was the Mother's Day Tea at school (which is where I left you last.)

So I haven't been neglecting you on purpose.  I've just been very...occupied.  And now, we head back to  my "hotter than hell" hometown of Norman, Oklahoma for my 20 year reunion this coming weekend.  Don't count on my posts occurring on a regular basis until my return.  Wish me luck!

Mama's Senior Pic, circa 1991

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Rita said...

Oh yay! *I* have been missing you!

Have fun in Norman!(although you're right... it's hotter than hell here right now!)