list 16. 16 things I learned from my dog.

1.  Start every day with excitment, even if it's only to go outside.

2.  Always be happy to see people.

3.  Multiple naps throughout the day are a good thing.

4.  Don't be ashamed to show your need for love and attention.

5.  Listen.

6.  Obey.

7.  Take long walks.

8.  Don't bite.

9.  Don't beg.

10.  Don't bark at others.

11.  Eat whatever you are served.

12.  Too many treats will make you sick.

13.  Sometimes sitting in the front yard, enjoying the view, is enough.

14.  Don't pee on the carpet or do anything else that makes others unhappy.

15.  Loyalty matters.

16.  Protect the ones you care about.

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