Lists. Lists are good.

:: photo courtesy of  decor8 ::

Tomorrow I am going to start something new.  I am going to start making lists.  Not Bucket Lists.  Not a To-Do Lists.  Not Grocery Lists.  Not Schindler's Lists.  Just...lists.

I like lists.  Lists are good.  They create order and structure.  They're helpful.  They make sense.  They're necessary.

I've recently started reading this blog.  It's great. She is a big list maker. She's been writing 52 lists--one each week. Her lists are about all sorts of things like, "things I love about Ava" and "things I learned over the weekend." I don't know who Ava is, but I couldn't help but love reading her list of ten reasons why this little girl is so special.

So guess what?  I'm going to start my own 52 Lists project. I love this idea--and great ideas are meant to be stolen (it's an unwritten rule in the land of blogging.)  Besides, she got the idea from here anyway.

As a mother my calendar year is from August to August anyway, so instead of waiting to start this fabulous idea on January 1st (when starting a year's worth of lists would make the most sense) I'm starting them now.

Now I'm off.  Off to make a list of all of the lists that I'm going to make.


Dawn said...

LOVE!!!!! What a great idea!

I wonder if I'm too ADHD to keep up with it? I'll have to make a list and see. Ha!

Baloney said...

This is great!
I think you should make it a MEME (just don't pick Monday) and I will play along. You have to give me advanced notice though.
If not, then I will just steal the idea as well and make it my own. That works too.