A room worth sharing.

:: photo found here and here ::

I am in love with this room.  I found this pic a few weeks ago and continue to look at it.  I blow it up, staring at the details, wondering, "What if...?"

Clearly this is a room to be shared by two brothers.  There isn't a thing about this room that isn't perfect: the lamps inside the bunks, the desks on either side, the chandelier, the couch, the Ugly Dolls.  The only thing missing?  Clutter.  Like I said, I love this room. 

I never considered having my boys share a room, but this picture has got me thinking.  The Golfer had to share a room this brother.  He hated it growing up.  I have a feeling that if they had to share a room today, they'd both love it.

I'm big on my boys having their own space, and now that we are going through everything with The Big Cheese, it's probably a good thing they don't share a room.  But how could life not be perfect in a room like this?  Sure, it would take a skilled carpenter and a room that was sized just right, but what an investment worth making.

Forget the boys!  Maybe this could be the modern version of a June and Ward Cleaver master bedroom.  Something to think about, indeed.

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