Have Fun and Wear Sunscreen

We have been non-stop, on-the-go, crazy busy this summer. We just came home from one trip only to turn around and get ready for the next. I'm not complaining. It's an awesome problem to have. 

Being that it's summer and we're outside a little more than usual, I find myself asking my children multiple times a day, "Have you put on sunscreen?" To which they either mutter that they already did or turn around and head upstairs to apply it. Often we leave the house with everyone forgetting. It's a habit we're trying to get into, the remembering before we leave the house, but one we have yet to master. What I have gotten good at is always having sunscreen with me wherever we go. I always keep our Beautycounter sunscreen on the ready for anyone near me, passing it around for everyone to use. I lathered up the other day before one of Palmer's golf tournaments. About 9 holes in, my oldest touched my shoulder and said, "Mom, you need more sunscreen. Isn't that what you're always telling us? To put on more sunscreen?" Ah ha! So they do listen!

But my son was right. I needed more sunscreen. Unfortunately it was too late. My shoulders were sunburned. Yeah, when the bottle's instructions tell you to reapply every two hours, it's not just words on a bottle, there to take up space. It's there for a reason. Yes, I was not setting a very good example for my children allowing myself to get sunburned. Especially when I am constantly nagging, "You don't want to get sun cancer, do you?"

Beautycoutner and Stand Up To Cancer have created this excellent graphic how important it is to stay safe when you're under the sun. Sun protection is an every day thing, not just when you're by the pool or on the beach. That's why I love Beautycoutner's Protect Sticks (both face and body.) They are easy to apply and easy carry in your purse or your car. My husband likes the face stick because he can easily keep it in his pocket when he's out on the golf course. They are all easy to apply and then REAPPLY, something I obviously need to be better at. 

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