list 11. 11 thing I want to accomplish in 2011.

Kate Spade 2011 planner

1.  be a better saver.

2.  stop drinking fruit juice.

3.  read 72 books.

4.  travel to Seattle.

5.  attend my 20 year reunion (which I've basically been doing ever since I joined Facebook.)

6.  lose 30 pounds (preferably before the reunion.)

7.  stop cussing (I can hear my mother saying, "What the hell for?")

8.  hold my new niece.

9.  read my bible every day.

10.  give more compliments.

11.  enjoy my life.



Rita said...

Wow! 72 books! I mean, WOW!

Also, I'm totally with your mom on the cussing.

Dawn said...

I could add most of these to my own list.

Good luck. I bet you accomplish all 11 and then some. =)