list 8: Being Thankful.

what I am thankful for

1.  healthy children

2.  a warm home

3.  bangs

4.  new & old friends

5.  my Oklahoma accent

6.  my Keurig (because one cup is really all you need.)

7.  Winter Oreos

8.  our church

9.  spiced tea recipe in my grandmother's handwriting

10.  homemade Chex Mix

11.  DVR

12.  a dentist who says, "Your kids don't have cavities."

13.  finally enjoying exercising {Thanks, Cory.}

14.  learning to eat only 1 Oreo instead of 8

15.  Christmas movies

16.  my mother's amazing ability to quote "Christmas Vacation" in any situation ("You serious, Clark?")

17.  good books

18.  early Christmas presents

20.  unexpected compliments

21.  hot tea on a cold day

22.  Glee

23.  online shopping

24.  making shrimp 'n rice on Thanksgiving instead of turkey

25.  P.J. Salvage pajamas

26.  my son finally discovering the Beatles

27.  blogs (especially mine.)


Dawn said...

Those are all just great. Loved reading about your blessings.

But, no turkey for Thanksgiving?!? You must not be in Oklahoma for the holiday? LOL

Anonymous said...

I would be thankful but, "it's Christmas and we are all in misery."