Redecorated. It's what I do.

Our family room is complete.  Complete until I decide to redecorate again.

After the white couches, I went with a mono-chromatic cafe au lait color.  Dirt and dogs tend to blend in well with this kind of color. 

My Lucite side table is my new favorite thing.  My accent color in this room has always been a parsley green, but I wanted to add a yellow as well.  A lemon yellow to be exact.   

We order the chairs months ago.  They were well worth the wait.  They are made of a thick corduroy that is amazingly soft.  And best of all--they recline!  When you have a small room without enough space for two ottomans, recliners--recliners that don't look like recliners--are a great alternative.  I also used some of our many coffee table books and a large, upside down ceramic vase to create a side table next to the chair.

And then as redecorating is known to do, I decided to change up the dining room just a touch.  My orchids are so pretty.  Keeping them alive will be nothing more than a miracle for me.  

My Japanese Fu Dogs are my new favorite thing.  I saw them first in the March issue of O Magazine and then spotted these at Home Goods.  In Asian culture it is believed that if you place the pair near your front door they ward off evil spirits.  My grandmother always had a gigantic pair of Fu Dogs near the entrance of her house.  If you knew my grandmother, then you know they didn't work.  

Instead, I have this to take care of any evil spirits:

The Golfer and I bought this cross in Laguna back in the 90's.  It's hung in every house that I've lived in since I graduated from college.  It's made of a heavy, solid wood and if any evil spirits try to enter my house I plan on hitting them over the head with it.


Married to Real Estate said...

Looks great! Thanks for posting. I love the hanging lamp with the stripes. -Heather Davis

Meredith said...

Wow! Looks like a model home! Can you come work on my house next? I have no gifts in this area. : (

Dawn said...

This needs to be in a magazine. You have such exquisite taste.

you need to come link this one up with us today on The RHOK since you are posting about some favorite things. =)

And, you last sentence made me laugh out loud!

Dawn said...
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Rita said...

Ok, I first viewed this post from my iPhone and I thought you'd posted pictures FROM A MAGAZINE.

Only now - when I'm reading from my laptop - can I see IT'S YOUR HOUSE.

I swear it should be in a spread for Southern Living.

Oh wait, or maybe Western Living? Coastal Living?(do they even have that? I have no idea).

Either way, you are hereby commanded to come to my house and re-decorate next time you're in town.