Happy New Aunt's Day

I know this weekend is all about celebrating the mothers in our lives, but I was wondering...is there a day that we celebrate being a new aunt?  Because on Monday, May 2nd, this angel arrived making me an aunt once again!

Sweet Emma Louise arrived bright and early Monday morning.  We celebrated with pink smoothies which the boys used to toast their new cousin.  (They also toasted the new Beta fish they bought with their Easter egg money, but that's another story.)

It's absolutely killing her Aunt and Uncle to be living so far away.  My arms are so anxious to hold her I can't stand it.


jflax said...

Aunthood is such a precious gift and we are all so blessed to have each other 's children to love, even from afar. there is nothing that blesses your life more then the unconditional love of a child. I will never forget your unconditional love and acceptance of Sammy when first you came to us....the trips to Borders, the Jumping on your bed....then, running to hold Miss Abbey Grace right after you Truman let out.....and then, Mr. William....your very own Godchild, and , then Jack, who fulfilled the promise to Bentley that he would forever have a boy-cousin his age to play with...life is sweet, isn't it. Thank you Auntie Se Se!

Anonymous said...

Aunt's and Uncle's Day is in July. This year, it is July 26. I've been waiting for "my" special day for a few years, but it doesn't look like my family is going to celebrate it. I hope yours does.