Nothing like a good bath time conversation to get you ready for bed.

Cheese: "What are these blue things on my legs?"

Mama: "They are called veins and they take blood to all of the different parts of your body."

C: "Are there veins in my penis?" (Remember...he's in the tub, so penis talk is very, very natural and at our house very, very frequent.)

M: "Yes. There are veins in your penis." (No made up names in our house. We call it what it is.)

C: "What are these things next to my penis?"

I really wasn't prepared to have an anatomy lesson this evening, but...

M: "Those are your testicles."

C: "What are tiscals?"

M: "They help mommies and daddies have babies." (Obviously, the most simple answer I could think of on such short notice.)

C: "I thought mommies had babies?"

M: "Well, they do...and daddies help." (Again, feeling the need to not provide too much information that could quickly lead to other conversations that I'm not ready to have yet.)

C: "So...mommies carry the babies in their tummies. So, what do the daddies do then?"

M: "Good question, buddy. Good question."


Dawn said...

Hahahahaha!! Very good question!

Beth Ann said...

Laughing out Loud!!!!! OMGoodness! My son is the same way. He is 7, and into the 'holding' of his penis all the time. Drives me nuts!

Love your blog!

Toni said...

Thanks for the laugh! How true it is, how true it is!